Fairfield County Arts

At Fairfield County, Arts would like to give you more information about the artists and their arts particularly our artists in Fairfield County Connecticut. We display their arts by how they create it and how you can acquire their arts. We would like to present to you the work of art you love to have.


Our mission is to display the work of our artists and be an encouragement for all the upcoming artist. Thus, not only in Connecticut but also in other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, with the art galleries in Fairfield county ct, people can see in actual the paints of each artist. Also, with the art events in Fairfield County, they can meet the artist and make a few conversations with them. With two of our other activities and program, we will be able to present to you the quality and expertise of our artists. With this in mind, we want to display that through arts we can express our feeling towards our community, ourselves, and our nation.


From the time we started our site we are able to introduce to our viewer’s different work of our local artist in Fairfield. For that reason, our site was busy accepting new artist from other cities and towns of other states of America. We start to have our gathering to meet our artist and future artist. Now with many years of displaying the artist we collected many artists around the country.

Schedule of Activities

We have different activities that offer to our valued customers.

  • Meet the artist and their work
  • Visit the studio
  • Purchase the arts

For the new artist, we encourage to contact our jury to set an appointment to check their work. If you find that the artist that you know is not on our list. Hence, you may email to us the name and we will be happy to look for it.